Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ewwwweyyyy pooooooeeeeyyyyy

Think the header explains it all! How does someone so tiny, pack so much PUNCH! I put little miss Khloe all nice and comfy on the boppy while I got everything ready for her bath, I was grabbing her towels (don't you just LOVE baby hooded towels?!) and her washclothes from the hall closet when she started crying like someone was in there giving her little pinches! Hmmm, Khloe isn't really a cryer so I rushed in and over to her.....and saw the poo through her jammies! YIKES! I proceed to unbutton her jams and EW EW EW....ITS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! From up to her boobies, down to her knees, and all over the OUTSIDE of the daiper! How does this happen?! Where does it all come from?! I clean her off with wipes as good as possible, and work on getting her now orange (gotta love breastmilk poo) onsie off over her head, OH NO! Now its in her hair! I toss the towel around her, detour to the hall closet to get another towel, and thank goodness her bath is all ready! Add a little water to warm it back up, lather her all up from head to toe and mmmmmmmmmmmm my yummy smelling baby is back! My My My...


  1. I DO NOT envy that stage.....I remember with my baby girl I had just started back to work and she did that IN THE CAR on the way to the babysitter, I didn't know and when I picked her up out of her carseat it got all over my shirt too....YUCK!!!! LOL

  2. It's crazy because my first never had any explosions, now Khloe on the otherhand good lawd!!!

  3. Breastmilk poops are the messiest LOL.