Thursday, April 29, 2010

My baby is GROWING!

All smiles with her tag blanket and her hand!
It's so amazing how quickly babies grow.  Dee Dee is almost 8...and it feels like just yesterday she was born.  I had forgotten how quickly it has flown by me.  Khloe was here 5 weeks early.  Sometimes I wish I could get those 5 weeks back.  She will be 15 weeks on Sunday..I often think as Sundays approach "well she really should only be (insert 5 weeks previous number here)...she has gotten so BIG!  Funny how she is really starting to notice things now.  My phone will ring and startle her, when just a few weeks ago she didn't notice it, or she will run her hand up and down over my zipper on my sweatshirt in amazement, with an inquisitive look on her face.  Everything is so NEW to her!  She has found 2 new best friends in the form of her hands.  You know shes awake if you hear a sucking noise, sometimes 1 whole hand is in there..sometimes she attempts to put 2 in there.  But rarely will you find here without at least one in there!  She also is learning to use those hands of hers...reaching out to bat at her toys...or exploring her tag blanket....or the texture of the couch...everything is so FUN!  She is also VERY chatty...she will have a full conversation with you, and she looks so serious while doing it.  Let us all prepare for Dee Dee #2...possibly the most talkitive child ever!  Not sure if it will be possible for Khloe to be more talkitive then Dee was (IS!), but I have a feeling Khloe will try!  Khloe is extremely happy when we first get up...she will give me a huge grin the moment she realizes I too, am awake!  Then she will start chatting and giving me a million more toothless smiles.  I usually prop her up on a pillow while I use the restroom, and by the time I get back she has kicked her legs in excitment so much she will be halfway down the bed...those days are numbered....foe me leaving her for a moment anyway...kiss your kids...they will be grown up before you know it...enjoy every moment you have with them!


  1. I agree....kiss and hug your kids everyday, becuz TIME flies by!!!! She is so adorable!

  2. She is beautiful! I remember when my son was that small. I thought he'd never grow up and now he's 6! You said it, enjoy these times! :)