Thursday, April 8, 2010

My oldest babygirl...

Dannielle Aniya Campbell came into my life on June 2oth 2002.  I went to the hosptial at 5:00 am on the 19th of June to be induced, because I was 2 weeks past my duedate!  Should of known I was in for a rough day, because I went to check in and the had no record that I was to be induced that day!  They admited me anyway and we got all setteled in.  Everything started off fine and as the day progressed so did my contractions!  After awhile they became unberable, and they gave me an epidural.  OH RELIEF!  About 30 minutes later I started to feel the pain again....stupid thing didn't take!  They came in and gave me another...didn't take either..HORRIBLE PAIN!  Labor is no joke!  Finally it's time to push...I proceed to try to get her out for 3 HOURS!  But she would not come out, her head would come out, then pop back in.  The docs then decided I needed to get a c-section because her heartbeat kept dropping.  In I went, and a little bit later, out came my baby!  Wait!  Why is she not crying?!  I yell out "Is she ok?  Why isn't she crying?"  Then they put me out.  Next thing I remember is being rolled back to my room and seeing my ex and my mom looking clearly upset!  Apparently the cord had been wrapped around the babies neck 3 TIMES!  She was very close to dying!  The whole hospital staff called her "The miracle baby" .  I will never forget when they brought her into me for the first time, her eyes were open and we just stared at each other.  She was BEAUTIFUL!  Her eyes were so dark they were black.  And boy oh boy was she WHITE!  LOL!!  She was a really good baby, but was very attached to me, I had to learn to cook and clean with a baby atached at my hip!  She was such a loving baby too.  As she has grown she has been such a joy in my life.  She is a good girl.  She is a loving girl.  She is a chatty girl (from the moment she could talk, she did so from sun up to sundown!).  She is a kind girl.  She is a sensitive girl (I took her to see the movie Charlotte's Web, the real version, not the cartoon, and she sobbed when Charlotte died).  She is a girly girl (when I signed her up for soccer when she was 4, she came out for practice with a pink feather boa tied around her waist).  She is a shy girl.  She is a funny girl.  She loves to sing and dance.  She is very artistic.  She loves to read.  She is my daughter, and boy do I love her.  Never knew what unconditional love was, until June 2oth at 12:11 am, when this wonderful girl, entered my life!


  1. awe...she sounds like a great kid and I'm sure you played a part in making her the way she is....enjoy the years before they zoom past

  2. What a beautiful girl! I agree with Kiana, enjoy these years because they will go by so fast!

  3. Thanks for the peek into your world you have a wonderful way of talking about your family, makes me smile. I hope you continue to be blessed :D