Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Jesse came into my life at a point I had pretty much given up on dating.  I had been in bad relationships or dead end relationships and really just wanted to be alone.  Dee Dee and I were doing pretty good for ourselves, and although Dee really wanted a "dad" in her life, I have to say I was doing a great job at playing both roles.  Her real dad had been M.I.A. since she was around 1 1/2,although she hadn't seen him since we left Arkansas, right after her 1st birthday.  I paid for our divorce myself, and basically left Arkansas with 3 bags of mine and Dee's clothes.  I worked really hard to provide a life for my baby and I, and hard work eventually pays off!  Not going to lie and say it was any way EASY, with no help at all from her dad, but day by day, and year by year we were making it.  Eventually at around 5, he randomly called and promised me he was going to be around, so I let Dee talk to him because she wanted to.  She asked him where he had been, and did he love her because he never called, or was he just to busy to call him?  (man my heart broke into peices hearing her little innocent voice asking these questions)  she also said I love you so much.  He proceeded to call and make promises to come see Dee in the summer...then big surprise, he disapered again, breaking her heart this time.  She said she did not want to talk to him again.  Pretty soon after I met Jesse.  We met on Myspace (ha ha laugh all you want) and we talked online for awhile, then the phone.  I thought he was cute and really sweet.  We decided to meet.  I had the day off from work one day and Dee Dee was in school, so I drove to his work to meet him for lunch.  The hour he had for lunch flew by and it was really fun.  We got along great, and he called me that night and asked me to be his girlfriend (Yeah, felt like I was in highschool, but it felt great!)  It instantly felt right, and I knew right away that this was IT!  And everything was quickly reafirmed when he meet Dee Dee and they clicked.  He was so great for her, and I think she for him!  Things moved right along and we moved in together, and Dee Dee started to call him daddy.  I know this melted his heart, and mine as well.  Jesse is such a good dad to Dee Dee, he loves her like his own.  They have "dates" where they go out just the 2 of them, its adorable!  Jesse is also so good to me....he loves me unconditionaly and has been there for me through alot!  I can count on Jesse to be my support and backbone no matter what we endure.  The past year we have had alot of trails and tribulations with all my health problems while preggo, then my appendix ruptering while preggo, then the baby coming 5 weeks early, but through it all he has been my rock, and there for Dee Dee and I throughout it all.  I am so thankful to have him in our lives.  Now we also have Khloe and I know he loves his girls!  I just wanted to let everyone know I have a fabulous, loving, hardworking, thoughtful and caring man in my life.  We are all so lucky to have him!


  1. awe that is so touching....I'm glad that you didn't shut down on dating...becuz God always has the best in store after the storm. Good Luck in all that you do as a family!