Friday, April 16, 2010

Sick little girl...

(my sick girl coloring)
Poor little Dee Dee is sick.  I got a call from school Wednesday morning at around 10 am that she was running a 100.8 fever and needed to be picked up immediatly.  So lazy Khloe and I had to rush over to school in our pj's.  My ear had been bugging me so we were honestly still in bed, when they called.  Felt like a mommy who doesn't take care of her baby, as Khloe had to go out in public in her pj's...she is always very fashionable when we go out and about...but on this day Dee Dee was more important than our look!  So we rush in, me in my big sunglasses (hey..I had no make-up on!  HELLO hollywood..heee hee) , hair in a bun, and sweats and a sweatshirt (at least I threw on a bra!)  and poor stinky Khloe in her pj's.  My big baby walks out and my heart dropped...she looked HORRIBLE!  I hugged her and we were on our way (after confessing to the office ladies the baby and I were not showered, and we were sorry about that lol)...we went to Rite Aide where I picked up some tylenol, soup, and Sierra Mist, and we went home.  Dee Dee went to sleep right away....that's a great way to tell that your alomost 8 year old is really sick, they sleep!  Couple hours she wakes up and is ON FIRE...take her temp and it is up to 102, give her more Tylenol and she goes back to sleep.  Next thing she wakes up at around 4 and her cheeks are bright red and she is soaking in sweat, take her temp....OH CRAP!  103.9!  I freaked out!  Called the doc and said we are coming in!  We rushed over and they swabbed her for Strep Throat...and perscribed her with antibiotics, and some Ibiprophin(sp?!)  and we were on our way.  I forced her to eat a couple bites of food and she was asleep again.  Fought with the fever somemore Thursday...and today she seems to be doing much better!  The doctor called today saying the test confirmes she does indeed have strep.  She is feeling a ton better, but her throat is still hurting.  I'm glad my baby is doing better!  (Wednesday night I went to urgent care myself, I have an inner ear infection and my eardrum was swollen almost all the way shut...yikes)


  1. OUCH!!! Strep and ear infections HURT....hoping you both feel better soon, spring will be there so you can play soon and you must be better!! LOL

  2. thanks so much! We ARE feeling much better, though it will take a bit foe my ear to heal! We had BEAUTIFUL day outside so we did go out in the back today!

  3. Hope everyones feeling better!

    and good golly we have the same stool! lol