Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rain Rain go AWAY! We are ready to PLAY!

(This is a pic taken by Dee Dee of some of our backyard flowers)
I cannot wait for the weather to get better!  I want to take Khloe outside to explore things in the backyard.  It is always so rainy and soggy, but I guess that's Oregon for you!  I am so excited for the summer time to get her in a little swimsuit and get in the pool.  She LOVES the water, she seems so calm during bathtime!  I have enjoyed the few nice sunny days we have had, and went with the girls on some walks around the neighborhood.  The neighbors are so friendly, calling out "Hello" etc. to us, how nice!  I think I need to start being a little more friendly to strangers...something for me to think about....


  1. Come pick up your award on my blog Steph!

  2. I need to be more friendly too!!! Enjoy the weather when it comes!!

  3. Being friendly to strangers is hard for me too :) To answer your question on my blog, yes I like the transcription it's just hard getting your foot in the door. kwim? Hope you have a great weekend!